Salvador Rachele is an American mystic, clairvoyant, healer and teacher with deep scientific knowledge in the field of physics and mathematics. He has over 45 years of experience in the field of healing and the study of consciousness and human potential. He has over 45 years of experience in healing and researching the consciousness and the human potential.

In the early 1970s, Sal Rachele discovered specific techniques that helped him to reveal his intuitions skills . In the early 1970s of the last century, Sal Rachele found many techniques that helped him to reveal his mental and intuitive abilities. With the experience, he has selected the most effective and practical methodologies. Thus, he began to combine meditation with various mental processes and techniques that he interprets in his consultations.

Because of his scientific knowledge in the field of physics and his long experience as a healer, Sal was invited as a co-author to write a series of books. Through conscious channelling, he prepared and published the following scripts:

“Life on the Cutting Edge”

  • a handbook and introduction for anyone looking for self-help and development.

“Earth Changes and Beyond: Messages from the Founders”

  • a book dedicated to the changes on Earth in 2012.

“Earth awakens: Prophecy 2012–2030”

  • further discussion of Earth changes during the transition period.

“The Real History of Earth”

  • the story that conveys the real events that happened on Earth.

“The Mystery of Time”

  • a book that reveals the secrets of time-space and how it can be used in terms of the soul’s evolution.

“The Secrets of Unlimited Energy”

  • a scientific-holistic approach to clarifying the topic of limitless energy.

“Soul Integration”

  • an extension of the first book “Life on the Cutting Edge”

Also, in his early childhood, Sal developed his musical skills as a pianist and later began recording original music. One of his albums is Angel Dance.

Sal recently was “chosen” to help and support the souls on Earth to heal their conscious and unconscious traumas and burdens. In that way, the “Timeline Healing Technique” was also “given”. It is a powerful and safe cosmic process that allows to identify and heal any trauma or issue in any time. The technique performs healing and modification on a DNA level of the soul and the root cause.

Sal travels intensively around the world to organize and conduct many practical courses and seminars on the topics of healing and ascension.

Thanks to these efforts, there are already hundreds of therapists around the world who practice the “Timeline Healing Technique”.

You can find more about Sal Rachele and his activities on his official site.