Timeline healing is a scientific method for psychotherapy and healing based on quantum physic. It combines the most effective and practical parts of other technics and puts a kind of unique approach, by blending them in a guided meditation.

It is completely safe.

It focuses on the individual needs of any person.

It heals where it is most needed by changing all the negative perceptions and creating new ones related to certain events or problems and their results in the timeline.

Timeline healing acts directly on the root of the cause, without violating the free will of anyone.

Suitable for everyone and any conditions.

timeline healing

Timeline Healing (TLH) was first given to the American physicist and teacher Salvador Rachele. Since 2017, he has been the only teacher of this method around the world.

TLH is a powerful therapeutic technique that includes a guided meditation to treat traumas and problems of all kinds. It combines elements of regression (going to the future or back to the past) with restoring the defragmented parts of the client’s mind(soul) and reframing.

Brief introduction…

At the time of trauma, negative belief systems are often formed. They can have an impact for the rest of the sufferer’s life and even after unless the problem is resolved. Unfortunately, a large part of these unresolved issues remains hidden from us. Timeline healing detects all these traumatic connections and gently replaces them with new ones.

Each of us has an infinite number of past, present and future events. According to quantum physics, one for every moment of the Big Bang until now. Fortunately, the number of traumatic moments is limited. Through Timeline healing, anyone can reach them and be healed with the help of a therapist.

The principle of non-locality in quantum physics can be applied to time, too. Therefore, the technique can be applied in both directions, to go back in time and to go into the future.

When trauma is identified during a session, we do not change the circumstances, only the experience. This does not violate the principle of the Grandfather paradox.

This creates a parallel timeline. Thus, each of the participants “decides” whether to make it part of their dominant timeline or not. In this way, the free will of no one is violated, but only an alternative version is created. This now becomes the new dominant reality for the one who is experiencing.

How the Timeline healing takes place?

During the session, the frequency of the client’s brain waves changes from beta to alpha and theta.  This is a deep and calm state of creativity, fully awake. This is not hypnosis and the client is capable of remembering everything. In the interview before the session, we discuss on which problems to focus. During the session the higher conciseness determines which part of life to work on and where to heal, that’s why the healing is taking place when the person is ready for it. The technique is completely safe and can be much more effective than classical psychotherapy. TLH detects the etiology of each problem, treating the cause of its root.

TLH takes the best from all the modern and ancient psychological, scientific and holistic methods.