Everything vibrates. In other words, the whole universe on all levels and dimensions, known and unknown to humanity. The infinite tapestry of Consciousness has innumerable possibilities, combinations and intertwining, for every single moment of creation. That is what we call timelines. The nonlocality of time suggests that all the events and timelines occur simultaneously. However, in terms of linear time, some of the events occur in the past, others in the present or in the future. Each probability is a separate timeline. Similarly, each thought is a separate timeline. Thus the waves that receive the most energy from one’s consciousness break down into particles or lines. This consequence is clearly described by the principle of uncertainty in quantum physics. This forms the dominant timeline. It is what we call the present.

All other time waves are possibilities that continue to occur, forming different realities. Each of them can become part of the individual dominant line of a certain soul, even several for the same event.

Timelines are the main tool in a TLH session.