If you want to calculate the exact location or speed of an object – it is not possible! And this is not due to the lack of appropriate equipment. Radiation from the measuring instruments affects the object’s normal course of action. This natural phenomenon is called the uncertainty principle. When nature is not observed, it exhibits the characteristics of a wave. When we begin to study it, the wave disintegrates and begins to exhibit the properties of a particle. Because everything in the universe vibrates accordingly, therefore the consciousness of everyone affects the time-space tapestry. Every single thought! In other words, the observer exerts an influence with his/her own consciousness as well as the measuring instruments and everything he/she has an effect on. This also explains the impossibility of our scientists these days to reach a temperature of absolute zero in laboratory conditions. The pulses emitted by the researchers increase the temperature of the object.

Given these facts, it is logical to think that if we knew how and with what force consciousness changes everything it touches, we should be able to measure it. Unfortunately, science is not yet capable of making this observation. The same “vicious circle” occurs in the nuclear particle accelerator, in which scientists actually observe their own consciousness.

uncertainty principle

We are constantly creating new realities, at every moment. Timelines branch into newer and newer wave formations. And all this with just one thought! This is the principle of uncertainty applied to consciousness and time.

Our thoughts, feelings, and actions constantly affect the time-space continuum, whether or not we are aware of it.

Through TLH we can use this principle with understanding and dexterity to properly direct the wave of our lives.