“What do you do when someone is rude to you?

* You are upset. * You answer rudely. * You feel powerless. * You avoid this person or you avoid the situation in the future. * You blame the person. * You teach the person.

None of these will make you stronger.

What are your opportunities?

Look at someone’s rude behavior in this light:

* Rudeness shows the intensity of their dedication. * Shows their level of tension and insensitivity. * Certifies the upbringing of the person. * Shows an established pattern of behavior. * Shows Lack of knowledge. * Shows the lack of Knowledge of their own Mind and its sensations. * Shows you a behavior to avoid. * This is an opportunity to welcome and accept rudeness. * Strengthens your mind. * Make unconditional the love that you are.

Next time when someone is rude to you, be careful not to get upset. Just respond with a wide smile. If you can digest the rudeness, nothing in the world can shake you. “

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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