life guides

Real need for life guides and realization.

In everyone’s life there may often be a need for life guides or help for better realization. Reverse Timeline Healing (RTLH) is a technique for creating and manifesting the things you want in life. Therefore we can also use it for life guides, decision making and choices. By applying the quantum principle of nonlocality, a connection is made with a future timeline in which all your ideas are already a reality. According to modern physics, all possibilities are available and likely to happen at any time. Putting more attention and concentration in a certain timeline accelerates the manifestation in the present. This is the process of creation and creativity. When looking for guides, we use specific techniques to help the client understand which is the right path for him. The same technique can help guide and find purpose or meaning in life.

How does the technique work?

During a RTLH session, the therapist guides the client in meditation. The frequency of the client’s brain waves changes from beta to alpha and theta.  This is a deep and calm state of creativity, fully awake. This is not hypnosis and the client is capable of remembering everything. He/She is in control all the time and can apply or reject anything during the session.