So many thoughts, so many opportunities!

How many times have you thought, “If I hadn’t done this, what would have happened, what would have happened?”; “If this hadn’t happened, it would be different now …” and so on… Are there parallel realities?

In fact, all the other options have happened, or rather are happening … NOW

Each possible scenario is a separate wave. Where are all these waves? An ocean of possibilities! Endless! According to the uncertainty principle, each wave behaves as such until we begin to observe it. Then it begins to behave like a particle. It is the same with thoughts. Opportunities, feelings and thoughts are all around us, we are in an endless ocean of resonance. Like a radio station, we sense a large part of the “broadcasts” that are “playing”. When we “ride” a wave, this breaks it in our dominant timeline and it becomes a particle. This process is nowadays called the present.

And what about the other waves of opportunities that are all around us? Most of them we realize, others we do not.

Are they parallel realities?


When a wave approaches our dominant timeline, we begin to intercept it. This gives rise to internal dialogue and the need to make a decision or take action. This determines our movement in linear time – one action, second, third, etc. But in terms of nonlinear time, all possibilities happen simultaneously. And so, at every moment, every event happens NOW and continues to happen NOW. At the same time, which continues now, all options, all solutions, opportunities have been created and continue to be created at this very endless moment NOW. It is difficult to describe things that cannot be described, and modern science has tried in vain to do so by conventional methods. It is not possible for the square to imagine that it is a cube, nor for the stone to realize how linear time flows.

What are parallel realities? 

Each of our thoughts is a part of a specific timeline. The more lines, the more parallel realities possible. It seems a little embarrassing that every single thing we think about happens somewhere, but it is a fact. The good news is that these parallel timelines do not have the power to be manifested in the dominant timeline. It takes a lot of energy and devotion to a certain idea for it to be manifested in the “present”. This is actually the process of creation and creativity, also called activation of timelines. We apply these in Reverse Healing of the Timeline (RTLH).

The more conscious and stable a mind becomes, the more clearly it can define parallel possibilities and how to choose which of them to strengthen and which to reject. Souls who do not know how to filter out all these possibilities that come to them are considered mentally ill. Therefore, they are often perceived as someone else in some other reality. In part, almost every one of us has experienced such blockage or “overheating” in the mind. Situations of great stress and emotions often make us unstable. Fortunately, there is a protection mechanism that acts as a fuse at high voltages.

It’s so liberating!

As the principle of nonlocality predicts, there are other dimensions beyond the four-dimensional universe that we perceive with our five senses. In one of his books, physicist Stephen Hawking presents the idea of ​​a universe in the universe, like a bubble in a bubble, like soap bubbles. From another point of view, everything is already created and we choose what to experience, but even this choice follows predeterminism.

All we have to do is just follow our tasks with dedication and enthusiasm. All the suffering and hardships we have are part of our growth and all this will be repeated until we learn our lesson and MOVE??? work (through) out each (obstacle) problem with dexterity and a smile. With peace of mind.

We have adopted the idea that our lives are driven by factors beyond our control, we attribute events to coincidences or accidents, but these words do not exist in the universe.

It is time for everyone to accept this responsibility for their own situation and the fact that one is the pilot of one’s life. At the level of our higher mind, all the events we experience are part of our lessons and we have chosen to experience them in order to perfect our consciousness.

The effectiveness of TLH lies in this understanding. Through this technique, we learn how to activate new timelines and make them a part of our dominant timeline, whether in the linear past, present or future.